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TODAY's COUNTRY LIVING, what Kemptville has to offer!

Did you know that ages ago the city limit of Ottawa was at MacLeod Street? That’s only 2 blocks north of the Queensway, or as many of us know it - the Museum of Nature :) 

Way back then if you wanted to get out of the city and live a Country Lifestyle you were trekking out to the Glebe, or Westboro! Can you believe it? 

It goes to show how the city has grown and developed over the years. However, some things never change - many Ottawans work within the city limits and crave the quiet of the country at the end of their day.

For these folks, finding a country home outside of the city is still a goal within reach :)

If you venture past the Greenbelt and out through the suburbs, you’ll find many beautiful towns, villages, and hamlets. 

One of these towns is charming Kemptville. If you’ve even driven down the 416, maybe on a trip to Kingston or Toronto, you’ve probably made a pit stop for a coffee in Kemptville. But I promise you, that pit stop didn’t show you half of what makes Kemptville such a nice place to call home. 

The town is small with a population of 3,532, but it offers the conveniences of city life  - with a Independent Grocer, WalMart, Shoeless Joe's, Food Basics, Shoppers Drug Mart, all the Big Banks  conveniently located off the 416. Head in a bit deeper and you’ll find the charm of the town with a thriving main street dotted with small businesses and services and the friendly residents of Kemptville taking part in the community around them. 

Check out what some Kemptville business owners think about the town and it’s potential…


Popular with families for its many schools, community centres, the Hospital, churches and parks. The town is also home to many retirees, young professionals and small business owners - it has something for everyone!

The real estate in Kemptville is very affordable for the average buyer, and even those looking for a luxury home can still be happy in Kemptville, at a fraction of the cost of buying a similar property in Ottawa.

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Tania Kohl

To List or Not to List? That is the question... January 2017

I hear this all the time when I’m chatting with people at the coffee shop or sitting with a client at a listing presentation. It doesn’t seem to matter if they are seasoned seller or first timer’s… People always want to know when is the PERFECT time to put their home up for sale??

The PERFECT time to list your home is when the timing is right for the Seller. Buyers are everywhere and they buy every month of the year. When the Seller is Motivated, Realistic and Prepared - it’s Time ☺

Important points to remember:

Don’t wait for the Spring market

  • Imagine waiting only to find out you are now competing with everyone else on your street – too much competition

  • Imagine listing with all the people who did not sell the previous year?… Now they are REALLY motivated. They may even list below market value, putting your bottom dollar at risk!


List when you can do it right

  • Inside clutter removed – this does not mean “over-staging” or making your home feel sterile. Keep a little personality…it goes a long way

  • Visual household issues fixed – painting, carpets cleaned, lighting improved

  • Hire a professional like myself who can help prepare a home before the listing. Imagine getting top market value! When there is no emotion attached to the house, a professional realtor can see what needs to be done and execute a plan of action.  Realtors negotiate for a living… would you have your neighbour pull out your tooth if she wasn’t a dentist?


Show why you loved this home
  • Pull out old summer photos when the flowers were blooming and when you can see the layout of the yard if selling in the winter.

  • Make a list of your top ten reasons why you loved the home example: nice neighbours, sunsets, great bus routes, safe neighbourhood, schools, interior layout, great water pressure…


Find your Special
  • Make any quirky aspects of your home present as Special. Why do people buy a super old home with crooked flooring???…because the home has something unique. FIND YOURS

  • Nothing worse than a “cookie-cutter” house with nothing special. Imagine competing against the same homes… This could mean that a Buyer has all the power, and may offer only purchase the lowest priced one. CREATE YOUR UNIQUE



Real Estate. We Should Talk.
Tania Kohl

First Impression - Landscaping

IMG_1101 (2)

Well as a successful Realtor I often come across interesting landscaping ideas....for example see the photo above. This is a very large tree with an outdoor extension cord that has literally grown through it.

Now some could assume that this was intentional and an ingenious way to have easy access to hang beautiful lights throughout the branches of the tree as seen in this  photo....

tree lights

But no...sadly, it was just one of many little details and Lack of Landscaping Love that was happening.

Now, I can sell anything, but really I'll tell you this "for free" lack of effort really does decrease the resale value of your home.

You don't have to spend a lot of money and and I mostly recommend that you don't as you probably will not get it back, but here are some inexpensive suggestions.

Tania's Tips

  • trim shrubs/bushes away so they are away from the foundation. The continual moisture will do damage to the parging and result in future more expensive issues.

  • Light your walkway with solar lights (these can often be purchased at the dollar store for under $10.00)

  • Sweep off all spider webs and/or bee's nests

  • Wash outside windows

  • Ensure you have proper down spouts for water drainage - away from the foundation

  • Place tall grass in a planter or a plant or two at your front door

  • Buy a Welcome Mat

  • Grass should be kept nice - if it has trouble growing or tons of weeds...problem solve. Maybe stones or mulch in that area? Maybe a kids sandbox?Maybe a firepit? Remember the Buyer does not need any distractions

  • Fix any deck or stair issues - this is often the first thing an inspector will point out

  • Stain your deck

  • Add an outdoor carpet and fresh plants - create the vision

Oh yes, almost forgot... pull out any extension cords that have grown into your trees :)

These things will show the Buyer that you LOVE your home and they should LOVE it too!

Real Estate. We Should Talk.
Tania Kohl